Case Study

Revolutionizing Ethanol Production with Almagest: Unleashing Innovation in Industrial Systems

Providing controlling equipment for the ethanol creation process


Years of technical support




Almagest is the only Bulgarian producer of bioethanol – dehydrated ethyl alcohol which may be used as a substitute to the gasoline fuel in internal combustion engines.


Ihtiman, Bulgaria


Ethanol production

Skills used

PCB Design
Product design 
Advanced algorithms 
Industrial controller programming


In a transformative collaboration with Almagest, a leading ethanol production facility, we proudly present our instrumental role in advancing industrial processes. Our partnership focuses on the creation and implementation of a multitude of industrial systems, featuring both assembled and custom-designed products, to elevate the efficiency and control of ethanol production.

Our role in the project

At the forefront of industrial innovation, we have worked hand in hand with Almagest to engineer comprehensive solutions for ethanol production. Our contributions extend across the spectrum, encompassing the design and assembly of custom products, establishment of network architecture, development of PID controllers for thermal process control, implementation of SCADA systems, and the integration of our cutting-edge sensors and data transfer devices throughout the factory.

Key achievements

A standout achievement in our collaboration lies in the seamless integration of diverse technological components tailored to Almagest’s specific needs. From PID controllers ensuring temperature precision to the implementation of robust SCADA systems, our team has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in designing, assembling, and deploying solutions that streamline and enhance ethanol production. This accomplishment underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive and effective industrial systems.

Commitment to effeciency

Our partnership with Almagest is deeply rooted in a shared commitment to efficiency and innovation. By implementing state-of-the-art technologies, we contribute to the optimization of ethanol production processes, enabling Almagest to maintain a competitive edge in the industry while adhering to the highest standards of quality and reliability.


In collaboration with Almagest, we are thrilled to present a project that not only redefines the landscape of ethanol production but also exemplifies our dedication to innovation in industrial systems. Our joint efforts have yielded a technologically advanced and seamlessly integrated manufacturing environment, positioning Almagest at the forefront of the ethanol industry. This collaboration serves as a testament to our capacity to deliver tailored solutions that drive efficiency, foster innovation, and propel industrial processes into a new era of excellence.