Case Study

Bulgarian Water Association: Innovating River Monitoring for Environmental Care

Providing measuring equipment for remote locations.


Months continues monitoring


Data collected


The Bulgarian Water Association (BWA) is a non-profit organization. Its members are legal and natural persons /experts/ who have interests related to water supply and sanitation, including the quality and treatment of drinking, industrial, agricultural and waste water; the management, conservation and use of water resources.


Sofia, Bulgaria


Government agency

Skills used

Systems engineering
Solar Power engineering
Electric circuits
Power supply calculations/design


In a collaborative venture with the Bulgarian Water Association, dedicated to the preservation and monitoring of water resources, we are excited to showcase our pivotal role in revolutionizing river monitoring technology. Our partnership centers on the creation of bespoke equipment designed to measure critical parameters, including river temperature, level, speed, and water turbidity. This custom solution operates in remote locations, harnessing solar power, and features advanced hardware protection against lightning, coupled with intelligent charging algorithms for sustainable and autonomous functionality.

Our role in the project

At the forefront of environmental technology, we have collaborated closely with the Bulgarian Water Association to engineer a specialized monitoring system tailored to their unique requirements. Our contribution extends to the design and production of custom equipment capable of precisely measuring river temperature, level, speed, and water turbidity. The system operates autonomously in remote locations, powered by solar energy, and is fortified with advanced hardware protection mechanisms against lightning strikes. Smart charging algorithms ensure efficient energy utilization, making it a sustainable and reliable solution for river monitoring.

Key achievements

Our collaboration signifies a significant technological advancement in the field of water resource monitoring. The custom equipment, equipped with solar power capabilities, ensures uninterrupted operation in remote areas, where traditional power sources may be inaccessible. Additionally, the incorporation of intelligent charging algorithms maximizes energy efficiency, while advanced lightning protection safeguards the hardware, guaranteeing the longevity and reliability of the monitoring system.

A standout achievement in our collaboration is the successful development of a tailored river monitoring system that addresses the unique challenges posed by remote locations. From precise measurements of critical parameters to the implementation of solar power, lightning protection, and smart charging algorithms, our team has demonstrated ingenuity and expertise in creating a solution that enhances the accuracy and resilience of water monitoring initiatives.

Commitment to environmental conservation

Our partnership with the Bulgarian Water Association is rooted in a shared commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable technology. By delivering a cutting-edge monitoring system, we contribute to the association’s efforts in safeguarding water resources, promoting responsible water management, and fostering a deeper understanding of aquatic ecosystems.


In collaboration with the Bulgarian Water Association, we are proud to present a project that not only advances the technology of river monitoring but also exemplifies our dedication to environmental stewardship. Our joint efforts have resulted in a sophisticated and sustainable solution, showcasing our ability to address the specific challenges of remote water monitoring. This collaboration stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, conservation, and the responsible utilization of technology for the betterment of our natural resources.