Case Study

Enhancing Transformer Tech with Hyundai Heavy Industries: Improved Temperature Monitoring

Measuring the core temperature of transformers


Electricity System Operator is responsible for the joint operational coordination and control of the Bulgarian power system. It provides the operation, maintenance, repair and reliable functioning of the transmission network.


Sofia, Bulgaria


Power transformers

Products used

Precision sensors
Data transfer techniques
High temperature sensors


In a dynamic collaboration with Hyundai Heavy Industries, we are delighted to showcase our pivotal role in revolutionizing the field of large transformer production. Our partnership focuses on the integration of cutting-edge temperature monitoring devices at the core of these transformers, a critical advancement that underscores our commitment to innovation and reliability.

Our role in the project

At the forefront of transformative technology, we joined forces with Hyundai Heavy Industries to enhance the performance and reliability of large transformers. Our specialized devices, meticulously engineered by our team, were designed to measure temperature at the core of the transformers. These devices, constructed to withstand high temperatures and ensure unwavering reliability, represent a breakthrough in precision monitoring for Hyundai’s state-of-the-art transformer technology.

Key achievements

The integration of our temperature monitoring devices signifies a significant leap forward in transformer technology. Placed at the core of each transformer, these devices provide real-time temperature data, enabling precise control and monitoring of critical operating conditions. Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, our devices contribute to the overall efficiency, longevity, and safety of Hyundai’s large transformers.

Commitment to reliability

Our collaboration with Hyundai Heavy Industries is rooted in a shared commitment to reliability and technological excellence. By introducing robust and highly reliable temperature monitoring devices, we contribute to the seamless operation of large transformers, ensuring optimal performance and mitigating the risk of critical failures.


In partnership with Hyundai Heavy Industries, we take pride in presenting a project that redefines the standards of temperature monitoring within large transformers. Our joint efforts have not only introduced cutting-edge technology but have also elevated the reliability and efficiency of Hyundai’s transformer systems. This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to pushing technological boundaries, providing solutions that enhance industrial processes, and fostering innovation that makes a lasting impact on the global industrial landscape.