Case Study

Advancing Palm Vein ID Tech with IRIS Biometrics

The first of its kind AI biometric palm scanner


Transform your hand into a key that opens your world, where passports, cards, and keys are unified under one digital roof


New York, USA



Skills used

PCB Design
Product design 
High temperature thermal control


Embarking on a groundbreaking collaboration with IRIS Biometrics, a leading provider of biometric identification devices, we proudly present our role in shaping the future of secure identity verification. This partnership revolves around the creation of cutting-edge hardware, specifically designed to enhance the capabilities of biometric devices that utilize palm shape and vein recognition.

Our role in the project

At the forefront of biometric innovation, we have collaborated closely with IRIS Biometrics to engineer a new era of identification technology. Our expertise is prominently featured in the creation of hardware components, including the development of small-sized printed circuit boards (PCBs) with high-frequency signals. These thermally robust PCBs form the backbone of the biometric identification device, ensuring seamless and reliable operation in the demanding field of palm vein recognition.

Key achievements

A standout achievement in our collaboration lies in the successful creation of hardware components that exceed industry standards. The development of small-sized PCBs with high-frequency signals, coupled with thermal robustness, showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in biometric technology. This accomplishment underscores our ability to deliver tailored solutions that enhance the precision and reliability of identification processes.

Commitment to security

Our partnership with IRIS Biometrics is rooted in a shared commitment to security and technological excellence. By contributing advanced hardware components, we enable the palm vein identification device to deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability, setting new benchmarks in the field of biometric security.


In collaboration with IRIS Biometrics, we are thrilled to present a project that redefines the landscape of biometric identification. Our joint efforts have resulted in a technologically advanced and secure solution that leverages palm shape and vein recognition. This collaboration serves as a testament to our dedication to innovation, security, and the seamless integration of hardware solutions that propel biometric technology into a new era of precision and reliability.