Case Study

Advancing Space Innovation with EnduroSat: Precision Testing Solutions for Cutting-Edge Modules

Developing innovative test benches


EnduroSat is on a mission to transform the complex satellite industry into a streamlined data service, enabling instant access and transactions with space data on the cloud from hundreds of sensors in orbit


Sofia, Bulgaria



Products used

Firmware development
PCB Production


In an exciting collaboration with EnduroSat, a pioneering space technology company, we are thrilled to highlight our integral role in advancing the capabilities of their satellite modules. Our partnership focuses on the design and production of testing equipment tailored to ensure the flawless operation of specific modules, complemented by the creation of custom firmware dedicated to rigorously assessing the performance of their board computers.

Our Role in the project

At the forefront of space technology, we have collaborated closely with EnduroSat to engineer precision testing solutions for their groundbreaking satellite modules. Our contribution extends to the development of specialized testing equipment designed to validate the correct operation of crucial components. Additionally, we have crafted custom firmware that serves as an intelligent tool, meticulously assessing the functionality and reliability of their board computers under diverse operational scenarios.

Key achievements

A standout achievement in our collaboration is the successful development of testing equipment and custom firmware tailored to the specific needs of EnduroSat’s modules. Our commitment to precision testing ensures that each board computer operates flawlessly, meeting the exacting standards of the space industry. This accomplishment underscores our dedication to delivering solutions that address the unique challenges of space exploration.


In alliance with EnduroSat, we take pride in presenting a project that not only enhances the precision of space technology testing but also exemplifies our dedication to innovation in satellite modules. Our joint efforts have resulted in advanced testing equipment and custom firmware, solidifying our position at the forefront of the space technology landscape. This collaboration serves as a testament to our ability to provide tailored solutions that elevate the standards of reliability and performance in space exploration.