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RILABS is a Bulgarian tech provider in the field of automotive and IoT. Their expertise has landed them with projects with the biggest manufacturers in the automotive world. 


Sofia, Bulgaria


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In collaboration with RILABS, we are proud to be integral to a significant automotive project alongside KRONE, a distinguished manufacturer in the agriculture machine and trailer industry. Together, we are working to develop advanced firmware for telematic units specifically designed for integration into KRONE’s trailblazing trailers.

Our collaboration with RILABS is a synergy of expertise, combining their proficiency in technology solutions with our specialization in firmware development. This partnership forms the foundation of our collective contribution to the ambitious trailer project with KRONE.

Our role in the project

Our joint endeavor focuses on the creation of firmware for telematic units exclusively tailored for integration into KRONE’s cutting-edge trailers. These telematic units serve as intelligent communication hubs, enabling real-time monitoring and data analytics to enhance the operational efficiency of the trailers.

Key achievements

Tailored Firmware Solutions:

Our collaborative effort ensures that the firmware solutions are customized to meet the unique requirements of KRONE’s trailers. This approach guarantees seamless integration, enhancing the functionality of the telematic units within the trailer systems.

Real-Time Monitoring

The telematic units we are developing enable real-time monitoring of critical parameters within KRONE’s trailers. This provides operators with immediate visibility into the status and performance of the trailers, empowering them to make informed decisions for increased productivity and operational efficiency.

Data Analytics for Enhanced Efficiency

Our firmware incorporates advanced data analytics features, allowing KRONE to gain insights into usage patterns, predict maintenance needs, and optimize overall trailer performance. This data-driven approach enhances the longevity of the trailers and contributes to more sustainable and cost-effective operations.

Impact on Trailer Technology

Our collaboration with RILABS and KRONE is not just about developing firmware; it’s about revolutionizing trailer technology. By creating intelligent telematic units specifically designed for trailers, we contribute to a transformative shift in how the industry approaches efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in trailer operations.


From concept to execution, our partnership offers comprehensive support, ensuring that the firmware development aligns seamlessly with KRONE’s overarching goals for their trailer technology