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Delve into our varied array of groundbreaking projects, each fueling advancement and catalyzing inventive answers.


Assisting a major nanosatellite manufacturer, we optimized their testing process for newly manufactured electronic modules, enhancing efficiency and ensuring top-notch quality.
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Coffee machines

Our joint venture with a coffee producer has birthed smart, innovative machines, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to redefine the coffee-making experience.
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Collaborating with a sports car manufacturer led to the development of a TUV-certified electrical utility vehicle ready for mass production.
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Electricity System Operator

We've developed a sophisticated weather monitoring network for the Bulgarian Energy Systems Operator, with automatic stations, custom tech, and sensors for crucial real-time climate data in energy management.
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In collaboration with RILABS, we're key to a major automotive project with KRONE, a leading agriculture machine and trailer manufacturer. We're jointly developing advanced firmware for telematic units for KRONE’s innovative trailers.
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Bulgarian Water Associacion

In partnership with the Bulgarian Water Association, we're enhancing water resource preservation and river monitoring. Our collaboration focuses on developing innovative equipment to measure key river parameters like temperature, level, speed, and turbidity.
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Our engineering expertise shines in our work with Almagest, where we designed advanced control equipment to boost ethanol production, improving efficiency and sustainability in biofuel manufacturing.
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Hyundai Heavy Industries

For Hyundai Heavy Industries, we've developed high-precision temperature measurement devices for core transformers, ensuring their heavy electrical equipment operates with optimal performance and reliability.
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BAS – Hydrogen Project

In collaboration with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, we are at the forefront of pioneering the future of transportation, focusing on innovation to enhance efficiency and sustainability in the sector.
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